Ти тръгваш-необятна самота
Е легнала лениво във душата.......
И неспасяемо не искам да порасна.


Уж е лято,идва есен,
А е заскрежена зима-
-вчера Теди си замина


В огледалото на твоята душа
през паяжини от бръчки ще надзърна.
Ако съм млада-значи не греша!


Искам да остана млада
В лятната наслада-
-пак събирам листопада!


My nights are young,
My days are long-
-the sheer wonder to belong!


I don't need kindness to be kind
or openness to be sincere-
-you simply happen to be here.


Is Love the power to believe
when pain is at the door-step?
The grace of Love is to forgive


In tears or with blissful laughter
I’m loving every tiny bit
Of our strange encounter!


Не ме вини-когато обещавах
след болка и надежди да не тичам
не знаех,че отново ще oбичам

вторник, 14 октомври 2008 г.



Martina Dimova

We are painfully and slowly taking off
A layer after layer of pretending.
A masquerade, a role, a pose-
-the dresses of our soul are fading.

And then this Fear comes along
For guarded temples-naked and frustrating,
For deeply hidden wishes to belong,
For simple secrets not in secret stated.

This Fear wakes us in the mid of dreaming
And weaves our souls in labeled clothing -
-we share not our sacred feelings-
-we share vain and empty talking.

Why do we want to live deleted?
And shaped by prejudice and pain?
I won’t go through my life defeated
By Fear in a Devil ’s game.



Forsaken in a world of darkness
And waiting for the final blow
When you don't know what death and life is
No longer able to explore

The meanings of the words and phrases
Of people killing dying hope
And all the fuss and empty faces
That brought you to the deadly slope

You're falling down in endless blindness
The rope is tight around your throat
And no perverse pretense of kindness
Will bring the urge to stop the boat

Free to choose
Self abuse
Free to win
Free to lose

Pretending is a way of dying
Don't hide behind that mental wall
Just make the choice to do the fighting
Get ready for the coming blow

The only one who knows the secret
Is hidden deep inside your soul
Just let him out and free your spirit
Let freedom be your final goal

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